Press here for a print of the map and directions below
Press here for a print of the above map and directions
Call and I'll pick you up at Dam #5  - 301-842-2608
Breezee Hill is 90 minutes west of Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD; 20 minutes west of Hagerstown, MD and 30 minutes north of Martinsburg, WV.
I-81 is 15 minutes east and I-70 goes right by the farm.
Get off I-70 at the Clear Spring exit. Go east toward Williamsport on state route 68 turn left onto St Paul Rd and go  to 12140 on the left. Back the lane across the bridge, behind the barn and into the parking lot.
If you're coming from the C and O Canal towpath, get off at Dam#5, it's at about mile marker 107 and go right down Dam#5 Road, you'll travel about three miles through the countryside to the farm. At one point Dam#5 Road turns into St Paul Rd, Just keep coming to 12140 and follow the directions above.... OR call me and I'll bring the truck to get you and your bikes.